Flameless Candles - The safe alternative choice for your home and events.

With all the focus this year on keeping people safe, we thought we would mention one of our best selling products. Flameless candles. A beautiful alternate ambient light source for your home and special event. Flameless candles are quickly becoming more popular and the preferred choice for many people. They give the same look and lighting as traditional candles without the worries of fire or smoke. Flameless candles are a modern, beautiful, and safe alternative to traditional candles for special events as well as your home. They are perfect for weddings, church services and other special occasions.

There are other reasons as well why they are gaining ground on traditional wax candles. Flameless candles recreate classic styles without all the hassles and frustrations of typical candles such as messy wax as well as the hazard of fire. Many companies now produce flameless candles that not only look real, but have real lighting effects as well.

Twigs Candles is proud to offer our flameless candles that give you the same charming glow without those irritating and dangerous side effects. We think you’ll love our flameless candles (link here) as a safe and beautiful alternative to traditional candles.