Fireless Candles

Fireless candles provide a lifelike flickering flame, an appearance of real burning candles without the risk and heat of lit flames. LED bulbs flicker in a similar way to a normal flame to create the same impression. They are safe to the touch and allow use over and over again without burning wax and replacing candles.

Made from 100% paraffin wax, they have no open flame, no hot wax, no smoke, and no soot. These candles are safe near children and pets.

Our outdoor fireless candles are like no other battery-operated candle. An internal LED source shines through a prism and up to the flame tip. The flame moves creating dance-like movement that is eye-catching. And they fit your home, deck, patio, and poolside furnishings!

Fireless candles from Twigs Candles are beautiful!

Flameless Candles

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Flameless candles are quickly becoming more popular and the preferred choice for many people. Why are they gaining ground on traditional wax candles? Flameless candles recreate classic styles without all the hassles and frustrations of typical candles such as messy wax and the hazard of fire. Twigs Candles sells flameless candles that give you the same charming glow without those irritating and dangerous side effects. Flameless candles are a modern, beautiful, and safe alternative to traditional candles, that are perfect for weddings, church services and other special events.