Vintage Light Bulbs - what's old is now new.

It does not take much to notice that vintage style light bulbs are back in style. All department stores and home decor places are carrying them as the demand keeps growing for a traditional look that is economical. So rest assured that if your tempted to update your home lighting with vintage lightbulbs you are not alone!

There are many types of Antique Lighting. Twigs and Candles is proud to offer the following:

  • Edison light bulbs - An incandescent bulb that fits perfectly in any standard lamp socket.  Its features include the appealing filaments as well as amber glass.
  • Battery operated oversize bulbs - in a multiple variety of shapes and sizes. You can hang them virtually anywhere to give you home the soft elegant glow that comes only from vintage light bulbs.

Please note, our inventory is constantly changing, so feel free to call or email us anytime if you'd like to ask any questions or order any of our vintage light bulbs. We are the helpful, home décor pros. 

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