Luminara Candles

Luminara candles can be used all over! With their eye-catching flame-effect, they augment the relaxed atmosphere of your home or office without the risks connected with real candles--reducing the potential fire hazard.  Luminara candles look so real, they are almost impossible to tell apart from traditional, burning candles, and Luminara candles can be used anywhere you would use traditional candles. Luminara candles are great for home décor ideas such as inside of fireplaces, as a table centerpiece, line a stairwell, as a night light, and more. The beautiful flame offers a distinctive, safe lighting option that speaks of elegance and style.

Add Luminara candles to your home today—let there be light—Luminara light!

Twigs Candles is delighted to offer Luminara Candles. Also, please see our fireless candle page!

Fireless Candles

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